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LIGARA international bases his know-how on 20 years of industry experience, expertise gained on the ground, through operations led in France as well as internationally, and who have managed to win the complete satisfaction of customers.

We customize our actions more near your needs and your constraints, to better accompany and support you during the critical stages of your development.

Technical Performance Improvement :

Your production means seem you unstable, unreliable, not sufficiently available. They significantly reduce your manufacturing performance and disrupt your deliveries times. Production costs are affected, and you do not know where and how to act as a priority.

LIGARA accompanies you to identify the real causes of failures, scale them, prioritize them, and develop with you an action plan as well as a program of monitoring results.

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  Human Performance Improvement:

The real added value of your business is produced by the talented men and women that make up. The development of their capacities and performance remains an essential axis to ensure continuity of your business.

LIGARA leads you and guide you on the path of "continuous improvement", by implementing methods from Lean Manufacturing as well as the Management by Objectives or by Projects.

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Engineering, Designs & Maintenance:

Your production tool needs to be overhauled, improved, reliability enhanced, modernized, and even adapted to new capabilities. You are looking for fast, flexible, reduced costs solutions, without heavy investments.

LIGARA offers its professional network (engineers, designers, manufacturers, installers, maintenance engineers), led work, receives, and qualifies installations.

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Boosting and Coaching teams:

To compose a team with excellent individuals provides rarely, right away, a dynamic and powerful result. However, capacity deployed globally by a team, should be ideally more than the addition of individual capacities, who make it up. This is the Synergy.

LIGARA accompanies your teams in the alignment of management techniques and support of corporate objectives.

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Industrial Project Management:

Markets you are working for are constantly changing, your customers demand new achievements or new qualitative levels, you need to invest in new means of production.

LIGARA assists your organization in the management of your project, step after step, clarifies data, identifies risk, provides solutions, and lets you make your decisions in the best conditions.

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Interim Management:

One of your strategic position, technical or production managers, becomes vacant for a substantial period of time (training, resignation, illness,...). You need a temporary, fast and effective solution.

LIGARA overrides to the missing manager for the duration of his absence. It is also the opportunity for you, to acquire new experience and potential talent, to boost your organization.

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